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Asian Student Union (ASU) is one of the largest cultural groups in SUNY Binghamton. Representing over 20% of the campus, ASU along with our seven subgroups, serve to defy stereotypes, define culture, maintain a sense of tradition, and what it is to be Asian American in today’s world. Every semester ASU works hard to educate the campus through means of educational workshops, cultural events, and holiday gatherings.

One of the main purposes of ASU is to unify our subgroups to celebrate a common Asian heritage. We have interactive and fun events throughout the year such as bowling, potlucks, and workshops because of this purpose. Our biggest event of the year, ASIAN NIGHT is a collaborative effort between all 7 of our subgroup. Students enjoy exciting performances while eating delicacies from all over the Asian world. In the Spring, we have ASIAN EMPOWERMENT WEEK, where we have brought in well-known Asian performances such as Wong Fu Productions, Magnetic North and Elliot Chang.

The subgroups of Asian Student Union are:

1. Asian Outlook (AO)

Asian Outlook is the art, literary and news magazine of the Asian Student Union, at the State University of New York at Binghamton. Conceived and designed to challenge and re-conceptualize forms of awareness of Asians and Asian-Americans, it serves to protect the voice of those in the minority, whether by ethnicity, gender, sexual or political orientation. 

Editor-in-chief: Diane Wong and Johnathan Yee

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2. Binghamton University Japanese Association (BUJA)

The Binghamton University Japanese Association (BUJA) is an all-student organization that attempts to promote Japanese culture throughout the Binghamton campus. A Non-exclusive club, BUJA is comprised of members spanning the ethnic spectrum, all sharing a common interest in Japan. With a 13 year history of catering to the curiosity and interests of the student body, BUJA offers various events and activities throughout the academic school year, culminating in the biggest event of the year, Japan Night.

President: Yu Yamaki

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3. Chinese American Student Union (CASU)

Founded in 1982, CASU has served as an educational and social voice for the Chinese American community on campus. Through cultural and social events, CASU members can unite and share common interests on local, national, or international issues that are relevant to the Chinese/Chinese-Amer ican culture. We are here as a voice for a new culture that has formed throughout the years and one that will continue to form throughout the years and one that will continue to form for years to come. That culture is the Chinese-American culture. As an organization, we base our concepts on cultural and political awareness of all races and cultures, as well as unity among the Asian cultures.

President: Michelle Chew
Website: CASU's Facebook Group

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4. Korean American Student Association (KASA)

KASA is a cultural organization that is built on the foundation of seeking, maintaining, and fostering different aspects of Korean and Korean American identity, tradition, and culture. We are organized and run solely by the students of Binghamton University. The great development and successful accomplishments of KASA are possible, without any doubt, by the hard work and dedicated efforts of the awesome executive board members, Korean night directors, professors, and both former and current members of this organization.

President: Julia Ha

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6. Philippine-American League (PAL)

The Philippine-American League is a student run organization that spreads and informs the Binghamton community of filipino culture. Founded in 1989, PAL comprises of all different ethnic backgrounds, but all have a common interest of our culture. Over the past two decades, PAL has been constantly changing members and activities. However, we have been able to keep tradition and pride for our culture vehemently clear. Our biggest events, Barrio Fiesta and PAL Banquet, have been not only events to share our culture, but have been influential in helping us become a family.

President: Gerard Macanas
Website: PAL's Facebook Page

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7. Taiwanese American Student Coalition (TASC)

Taiwanese American Student Coalition, or better known as TASC, is a network of college students who come together based on a common interest in Taiwanese culture, based at Binghamton University. We are here to provide a support group, to facilitate the defining of one’s Taiwanese American identity and to afford an opportunity to actively address the issues and concerns of Taiwanese and Taiwanese Americans.

President: Chanel Tsai
Website: TASC's Facebook Group

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8. Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

The Vietnamese Student Association aims to promote cultural awareness of Vietnam, provide a voice for Vietnamese on campus as well as support other Asian cultures.

President: Tran Cao
Website: VSA's Facebook Group

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